Easter game: “Fill the baskets” for sensory bin

Find here a free printable pdf to create an Easter game for a sensory bin (Flisat table): “Fill the baskets”

Hi everyone! you will find here a new free printable for an Easter game to use with your sensory bins.  To make this activity, you will need a large and small cardboard inserts / or 2 small cardboard inserts (you can easily make them by printing my free templates here). 

If you do not have any of the Trofast bins, you can still use this printable! You only need two cardboard boxes and it will work very well too! It can also be used for a busy book.

I made this game for my daughter who is 2 and she loves it! The goal of the game is to find the eggs and put them in the basket of the same color.

NB: this game can also be used for a busy book. In that case, print the document called “Easter basket for small insert” and just put the eggs over the basket of the same color.


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  • A large trofast bin or a large cardboard box
  • A large cardboard insert for the trofast bin (DIY here)
  • Facultative: A small trofast bin or a small cardboard box
  • Facultative: A foam sheet to cover the small bin or cardboard box
  • The free printables for the baskets and the eggs
  • cutter, scissors, glue, thermal laminator (optional), reusable poster putty (facultative)


  • Print the sheets for the baskets and the eggs.
  • Laminate (facultative), cut the eggs and the baskets. NB: I made two different printable sheets for the basket. One is for the large bin (the baskets need to but cut and attache to the lid), the other one is for the small bin (the baskets don’t need to be cut). Select the sheet of your choice.
  • Place the baskets on the large or small inserts and cut a rectangular opening for each basket (see pictures). NB: I did not glue the basket to the inserts as I want to use the same insert for other activities. Instead, I used some reusable poster putty to fix the basket.
  • Cut a circle in the center of the small cardboard insert or box. Draw a circle of a similar size on the foam sheet and cut an opening as shown in the pictures below. Glue the foam sheet in the inside of the insert or cardboard box.
  • Place the eggs in the small bin. Get one egg and put it in the basket of the same color. Repeat until all the eggs were found.

Have fun!


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