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No-sew Crochet Gingerbread Man

No-sew Crochet Gingerbread Man

Today, I am unwrapping a special treat for your crochet collection – the No-Sew Crochet Gingerbread Man Amigurumi. This tiny gingerbread man isn't just small in size; it's a lightning-fast creation, tailor-made for the hustle and bustle of the winter ...
No-sew Crochet Reindeer

No-sew Crochet Reindeer

Today, I am unveiling a delightful gift to your crochet collection – the No-Sew Crochet Reindeer Amigurumi. This enchanting reindeer amigurumi isn't just petite; it's also a swift creation, making it an ideal project for the winter season. Whether you're ...
No-sew Crochet Snowman

No-sew Crochet Snowman

Today, I am thrilled to introduce a delightful and free crochet pattern that will add a touch of winter wonder to your crafting repertoire - the No-Sew Crochet Snowman Amigurumi. This charming snowman amigurumi is not only small in size ...
No-sew Crochet Elf

No-sew Crochet Elf

Step into the enchanting world of crochet with this No-Sew Crochet Elf Amigurumi! Crafted for speed and simplicity, this elf amigurumi is the perfect addition to your winter and Christmas crochet collection. Ideal for farmers' markets or spreading warmth through ...

Most popular crochet appliques

Crochet Applique - Elephant

Crochet Applique – Elephant

Find here a free Crochet Pattern Elephant Applique After the giraffe and the lions' appliques, here is a crochet appliqué ...
crochet applique turtles

Crochet Turtle Appliques

Here is a free crochet pattern to make a family of turtle appliques Crochet this sweet family of turtles! These ...
Crochet Bee - Appliques

Crochet Bee – Appliques

Find here a free Bee Applique Crochet Pattern. Yesterday was Earth Day and I decided to celebrate by making these ...
Cow Applique - Free crochet pattern

Cow Applique – Free crochet pattern

Find here a free crochet pattern to make this adorable cow appliqué. Look at this cute Cow Applique Crochet Pattern! ...

Most popular amigurumi patterns

Summer crochet patterns

Crochet Ladybug - Free pattern

Crochet Ladybug – Free pattern

You will find here a free and easy crochet pattern for a ...
Crochet ice cream: Make your own ice cream cone

Crochet ice cream: Make your own ice cream cone

Find here a free ice cream Crochet Pattern My son has a ...
crochet popsicle

Popsicle Friends – Crochet pattern

Find your new favorite Popsicle Crochet Pattern. These adorable mini crochet popsicles ...

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