Learning activities : Dinosaurs

This week, we work on dinosaurs with my 4 years old son. Like last week, I made him some special activities for learning numbers, colors, shapes. I made him a bingo game this time.  

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NB: Some people had trouble to download the pdf. So I decided to put them as images instead. Click on the images to open them, and download or print them. 


Activity 1: What’s next?


Activity 2: Dinosaur’s life cycle


Activity 3: Be a paleontologist


Activities 4: Counting

Activities 5: Puzzles

Activities 6: Bingo


Activity 7: Domino

Activity 8: Shadows

Activities 9: Colors



Activity 10: Sizes



Activity 11: Find the différences


More activities: 

Here are the books we read this week (we live in the USA but I am French and my husband is Italian so we have books in all 3 languages).

  • My very first dinosaurs book from usborne: my son’s favorite!

  • Uncover a T-rex: a great book to discover the anatomy of a T-rex

  • Dinosauri: full of great information!

  • How do dinosaurs count to ten?

  • Jumbo Jigsaw

  • Land of opposites: a book with a playmat.


My son also made a volcano! To do this, you will need 1/4 cup of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of cooking oil (add a little bit more if needed to be able to build your volcano). We also add some food coloring to make a rainbow volcano! Once your volcano is built, add some vinegar!


Then he had to find the lost dinosaur by following footprints (to be download below).

Dinosaur Footprints


You can also put some dinosaurs in a box of water in the freezer and let your little paleontologist find them! You can also make a science experiment and study the effect of salt or hot water on the ice.

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Preschool activities : Dinosaurs

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      1. It’s ok, I was able to download it. Yes, the file is big so we cannot share it to FB group. Thanks

  1. I will definitely have to keep looking at this! My son is 2 and LOVES dinosaurs! He got a set of different dinosaurs for Christmas and I’ve been wondering how to include them with his school.

    1. Thank you. I hope you will be able to use them! My son plays with dinosaurs all day long! He was so excited by these activities

  2. Melissa McCarron

    Thanks for the great activity ideas. I will keep these for when my girl is a little older.

  3. It is so interesting how children are fascinated with dinosaurs. You created a great collection of activities. Thanks for sharing!

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