Preschool activities : My name

Here is an activity to teach our child how to write his name in upper and lower cases. Feel free to sen me our child’s name and I will make a special one for him.

Please, respect my work and do not share the files in facebook groups for instance. But you are welcome to share a link to this page. Thank you for understanding.

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Preschool activities : My name

8 thoughts on “Preschool activities : My name”

  1. Bonjour serait il possible d avoir l activite prenom avec les prenom suivant
    Merci bcp de votre part

  2. I Simply love this, are you selling an editable version?
    I would like to make them for 32 students.
    Please let me know
    Have a lovely evening
    Priscila Harrouart

      1. Hello, thank you for your reply?How about if I give you a list of 32 names. Will it be possible to pay( if not too expensive) you to do them, please?
        Have a lovely day

        1. Hi, would you like the names both in upper and lower cases or just one of them. If you are not in a rush, I could try to make them.

          1. How kind of you, here’s my email, maybe it’s easier :
            Lower case would be amazing and I would be beyond grateful, no rush.
            Have a lovely day and thank you for your patience with me I know I have been a pain, I will tell you why, because the one you made for my son worked and works so well, and I want to give the same joy to my students, i did try to make one too but ot looks horrible 🙂
            Have a lovely day
            Many thanks
            Priscila Harrouart

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