Preschool Printable activity : Mixing colors

Preschool Printable activity : Mixing colors


This free preschool printable will help your little one to learn the primary and secondary colors and how to get them. It is a perfect activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

You can use a laminator, add velcro dots to this worksheet in order to make a perfect game for a learning activities binder. I also made a “cut and stick” version if you do not have a laminator!

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How to make this a reusable activity worksheet?


Material needed: 

  • printer
  • laminator
  • velcro dots


  • laminate both sheets
  • attach 3 velcro dots on the grey spots and 3 on the grey squares
  • cut each square from page 2
  • attach velcro dots at the back of the 3 spots (page 2). Stick them at the bottom of page 1 and let your little one have fun!

Download the free PDF Printable activity : mixing colors

Free printable worksheet

Free printable worksheet “cut and stick”


Learning colors free printable

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Preschool Printable activity : Mixing colors

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