DIY Donut game for sensory bin

Find here a free printable pdf to create your own game for a sensory bin (Flisat table)

Hi everyone! I don’t have a Flisat sensory table because of the two reasons I recently talked about.  However, I love all the possibilities that can be done with the Trofast bins for sensory play and activities! So I have decided to buy only the bins in small and larger and to make my own inserts! To make this activity, you will need a cardboard insert (you can easily make your one by printing my free templates here). 

If you do not have any of the Trofast bins, you can still use this printable! You only need a cardboard box and it will work very well too!

My daugther , who is two years old, loves this game! It keeps her busy for a while (which is not easy!). The aim of the game is to place the donut around the craft roll of the same color. Pretty easy and your kid will love it!

I also made a more difficult version of this game for my son. In this version, the craft rolls are not painted and you child must follow the direction given on a card to place the donut.


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  • A large trofast bin or a large cardboard box
  • A large cardboard insert for the trofast bin (DIY here)
  • 6 cardboard tubes
  • paint in red, yellow, orange, pink, blue and green
  • rubber bands (to prevent the cardboard tubes to move to the bottom of the box)
  • the free printables for the donut and the instruction cards for the difficult version of the game.
  • cutter, scissors, thermal laminator (optional)


  • Paint half of the cardboard tubes using the following colors red, yellow, orange, pink, blue and green. Painting only half of it will allow you to use the same rolls for the more difficult version of the game.
  • Optional: Paint your cardboard insert in the color of your choice (I would suggest white as it will make the color of the craft rolls easier to see)
  • Using your cardboard tubes, trace 6 circle on your inserts (at equal distance from each other)
  • Cut the circles with your cutter
  • Place a rubber band in the middle of the cardboard tubes and insert them in the insert
  • Print the donut pictures
  • Print the instruction cards (for the difficult game only)
  • Optional: laminate the donuts and the cards
  • Cut the donuts and the cards
  • Start playing!

You can also use the cardboard tubes only  or the donut shapes only and put pompoms inside!


Download the files below:

I hope your little one will love this game as much as my children do!

DIY Donut game for sensory bin

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