Lid templates for IKEA Trofast Bins

Find here a free printable pdf to create your own sensory bin lid activities for IKEA Trofast Bins

Hi everyone! I don’t have a Flisat sensory table because of two reasons. First, they are really hard to find right now! I keep checking the Ikea website and Facebook marketplace but I never see one (at a reasonable price at least!). Secondly, we already have a toddler table that I bought for my son 5 years ago and this table is still in great shape, even if it is not a sensory table. So for now, we are happy with the table that we have. However, I love all the possibilities that can be done with the Trofast bins for sensory play and activities! So I have decided to buy only the bins in small and larger and to make my own inserts!

If you have the bins and the lids, the easiest way to make your inserts is to use the lid and trace around.

However, if you do not have the lids, you can print the templates below, cut, glue them and use them to create your own inserts!


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  • Printers
  • Scissors or cutter, glue and pen
  • Cardboard


  • Print the template (for the small or large bin)
  • Cut and glue following the instructions on the template
  • Place the template over the cardboard and trace the outline
  • Cut over the outline
  • Facultative: paint your new insert


Download the files here:

Large bin template – US Letter format

Small bin template- US Letter format


Large bin template – A4 format

Small bin template- A4 format

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