No-sew Crochet Santa

Get ready to sprinkle some crochet magic into your winter crafting with my latest free pattern – the No-Sew Crochet Santa Amigurumi! This charming creation is not only small and lightning-fast to make but also brings the spirit of winter and Christmas to life in the most delightful way. Whether you’re gearing up for a festive farmers market or spreading holiday cheer through random acts of crochet kindness, this Santa amigurumi is your go-to project. The best part? It’s designed for the busy crafter with a no-sew approach, ensuring a quick and enjoyable experience. Add a touch of crochet merriment to your winter wonderland. Let’s make this holiday season extra special, one stitch at a time!

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No-sew Crochet Santa

No-sew Crochet Santa

No-sew Crochet Santa


Crochet Pattern – No-sew Crochet Santa

Start Here:

Please read the whole pattern properly before starting.

The pattern is written using US terms.

This pattern is made of the following parts:

  • 1 Body
  • 1 beard
  • 1 hat


  • 1.25 inches (3 cm) with light worsted yarn (I used I love this cotton from Hobby Lobby)
  • 2.5 inches (7 cm) with plush yarn (I used Premier Parfait chunky)


  • Yarn calling for a US I-9 / 5.5 mm hook  in red, white, black, pink and a small amount of yellow for the belt OR Yarn calling for a US L-11 / 8 mm hook in red, white, black, pink and a small amount of yellow for the belt.
  • Size US C-2 /2.75 mm crochet hook if you use worsted yarn (a larger hook can be used, your monster will only be slightly bigger) OR Size US 7 / 4.5 mm if you use plush yarn.
  • 2 black safety eyes (6 mm) if you use worsted yarn OR 2 black safety eyes (9 mm) if you use plush yarn
  • Facultative for the glasses: Golden wire 24 gauge and a pencil
  • Stitch markers (if needed)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Polyfill


  • chain (ch)
  • magic ring (mr)
  • single crochet (sc)
  • increase (inc)
  • invisible decrease (dec)
  • slip stitch (sl st)

Pattern: How to crochet a No-sew Crochet Santa?

Let’s start – No-sew Crochet Santa


The body – No-sew Crochet Santa

  • Santa is worked in continuous rounds (as a spiral). Use a stitch marker if needed.
  • Remember to stuff as you crochet.

With a 2.75 mm crochet and red yarn (or with a bigger hook of your choice):

    • Round 1: start 6 sc in a magic ring. (6) – NB: if you work with plush yarn: ch2; make 6 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook. (6)
    • Round 2: [6 inc]. (12)
    • Round 3: [1 inc in the next st, 1 sc]x6. (18)

Change for the black yarn: 

    • Round 4: working in the back loop only (BLO): [1 sc in all st]. (18)

Change for the red yarn: 

    • Round 5: working in the back loop only (BLO): [1 sc in all st]. (18)
    • Round 6: [1 sc in all st]. (18)

Change for the pink yarn:

  • Round 7: [1 sc in all st]. (18)
  • Round 8: [1 sc in the next 6 st, (working in the back loops only (BLO): 1 sc in the next 6 st), 1 sc in the next 6 st]. (18)
  • Round 9: [1 sc in all st]. (18)

Change for the white yarn:

  • Round 10: [1 sc in all st]. (18)

I choose to work on the beard now and to finish the body later. But you can also decide to do the beard later.

The beard: Join the white yarn, on the first front loop only (FLO) of Round 7 (on the right – see pictures below).

  • Row 1: Starting in the same st where you join: 1 sc, 1 sc in the next 5 st. (6)
  • Row 2: ch1, turn: 3 dec. (3)

Cut the yarn and fasten off.

Place the eyes between Rounds 8 and 9, spaced by 2 st, centered above the beard.

With your tapestry needle and the pink yarn, make a nose with 2 strands of pink between Rounds 7 and 8 over 1 st.

Keep working on the body.

Change for the red yarn:

  • Round 11: working in back loops only (BLO): [1 sc in all st]. (18)
  • Round 12: Round 12 may require a bit of customization based on your project. In this round, you will work 4 st in the back loops only. The side of the hat will then be attached to the 4 unworked front loops only. Ensure these unworked front loops align with the side of the head, as illustrated below. Depending on your previous yarn attachment method, you might need to add or move the single crochet before working these front loops exclusively. [1 sc in the next st, (working in the back loops only: 1 sc in the next 4 st), 6 dec, 1 sc in the last st]. (12)

Fill the body with polyfill.

  • Round 13: [6 dec]. (6)

Cut the yarn, close the body, and fasten off.

Let’s now work on the side of the hat. Join the red yarn in the first unworked front loop only (see pictures below).

  • Row 1: Starting in the same st where you join: 1 sc, 1 sc in the next 3 st. (4)
  • Row 2: ch1, turn: 2 dec. (2)
  • Row 3: ch1, turn: 1 dec. (1)

Cut the yarn, and fasten off.

The Pompom:  Cut 3 strands of white yarn (about 5.5″/14cm). Insert the yarn at the top of the hat: grab the yarn by the middle with your crochet hook, insert both ends into the loop, and tighten it up. Separate each strand of the yan as shown in the picture below and trim it to your desired length.

The belt: with your tapestry needle and the yellow yarn, make a little yellow stitch over 2 st between Rounds 4 and 5.

The glasses: with the golden wire and the pencil, make glasses as shown below. Make a first loop for the lense. Place the glasses on Santa’s head to see where to do the loop for the second lense. Cut the temples to an appropriate length and insert them inside the head.

No-sew Crochet Santa

No-sew Crochet Santa No-sew Crochet Santa

Congratulations on crafting the cutest Santa! I’m looking forward to seeing your wonderful creations.

No-sew Crochet Santa No-sew Crochet Santa

Copyright Notice:

All rights reserved. The pattern and photographs presented in this document are the sole property of Natalina Craft and are protected under copyright law. This pattern is provided for personal use only. Any unauthorized reproduction, in whole or in part, or distribution of this pattern or its contents is strictly prohibited.

You can sell finished items created from this pattern in limited quantities. If you choose to sell your finished products online, it would be greatly appreciated if you include a statement attributing the pattern to Natalina Craft and providing a link to the original post. Thank you for your understanding and adherence to these guidelines.

No-sew Crochet Santa

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  1. Laura L Maravillas

    Hi Nathalie,
    I was reading the pattern and I’m confused with [6inc] I’m not sure how to do the increase. Is there somewhere I can see directions on this?
    Your patterns are adorable!
    Thank you,
    Laura Maravillas

    1. Hi Laura, thank you for reaching out! By (6 inc), I mean 2 sc in the next 6 st. So you will have a total of 12 st at the end of the round. I hope it helps! Thank you for your message.

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