Preschool science activity : Plant Life Cycle

Preschool science activity : Plant life cycle


Here is an easy science activity that you can do at home with your children. You will only need some small containers, cotton squares and few seeds. Because of covid-19, we have not left tour apartment for almost 3 months and I couldn’t go buy some  flowers to plant this year or even some seeds. We had to do this expriment with things we had at home. I had some leftover of bean seeds from last year and we took some other kind of seeds from our bird feeder! We then had bean, sunflower, maize and millet seeds.  It allows me to show my son how seeds can have different sizes, colors, shapes.

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How to grow your seeds?

Place a wet cotton square at the bottom of your container, add some seeds over and put another wet cotton square at the top. Remove the top cotton when your seeds start to germinate.  If you can, transfer your germinated seeds in a flower pot and watch your plant grow!

You will find below a file of 9 free printable activities to help your child to understand the life cycle of a plant:



  • Parts of a plant – poster
  • Parts of a plant – definitions
  • Parts of a plant – cut and stick
  • Plant – coloring
  • Learning flashcards
  • Plant life cycle – poster
  • Plant life cycle – cut and stick
  • Plant life cycle – wheel with arrow
  • Plant life cycle – magic wheel


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Download the files below:

Free printable – Plant life cycle


plant life cycle free printable plant life cycle free printable

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Preschool science activity : Plant life cycle

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