Painting with cars and trucks – Car wash station

Painting with cars and trucks


As many toddlers, my son is obsessed with cars and trucks! So today I decided to do a new activity with him. He loves painting but gets bored really quickly with traditional paintbrushes. I always try to find different objects/toys for painting, and painting with cars has been a big success!  (This post may contain affiliate links).




You will need:

  • Trucks and cars: I suggest to use vehicles of different sizes with different wheels. It will teach your child that different wheels make different tracks.
  • Washable paint (I like to use these ones)
  • A large cardboard or a painting mat (we did it outside but a vinyl tablecloth would be perfect if you want to do it inside)
  • Wipes
  • An apron for kids
  • Large sheets of paper


If you then want to do a car wash station as an additional sensory activity, you will need:

  • A large bucket (big enough for the biggest vehicle you use)
  • A hand brush
  • Some dishwashing liquid



Let’s start!


Set up your painting station. Make sure everything around can be easily cleaned up!

Put the paint directly on the sheet of paper, give the vehicles to your child and let him have fun! I tried to show and explain to him why the tracks left by the vehicles were so different. It was a great play and learn activity and my son loved it!



Our materpiece!


We then did another sensory activity by washing the cars and trucks. He loves washing at the moment so he really enjoyed it too!





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