Crochet Circus Baby Mobile

Find here a beautiful Crochet Circus Baby Mobile.

Hi everybody! All the crochet patterns for the animals of the crochet baby mobile are now available on my blog. Now I will show you how to put it together. I am sorry I had to finish it quickly and did not take a lot of pictures. But I am making a new crochet mobile right now and I promise I will take more pictures so it will be clearer to explain how to to it.

crochet circus

crochet pattern Amigurumi circus


You can find the free patterns for the circus animal here:

Crochet Lion:

Crochet Seal:

Crochet Elephant:

Crochet Monkey:



  • A wooden embroidery hoop
  • Red and white yarn calling for a 5.5 mm crochet
  • Bulky red yarn to cover the embroidery hook
  • Felt sheets for the star, the circus tent and the circus ticket
  • Felt sheets for the triangles around the mobile
  • Letters and stars buttons for the name on the circus ticket
  • A (plastic) ring to attach the mobile
  • Hot glue gun



Cut 2 stars shapes in the yellow felt. Sew them together and put a very amount of stuffing inside.

I will now show you how to make a felt circus tent (you can see the pictures below). I basically cut all the forms I needed to make my circus tent from felt sheets and then glue them together.

how to make a felt circus tent

felt circus tent

Then you will have to add 2 strings of yarn (white and red) to each aminal and to the star/circus tent. I made this mobile for baby Noah so with felt I also decided to add a black circle under the footstools with some white letters for “NOAH”.

I then made a circus ticket with the name Noah by using small letters buttons and I sew it to the hoop.

Circus baby mobile

Circus baby mobile

Attach the animals to the hoop. Make sure your string of yarn is secured and a black circle felt at the bottom.

Circus baby mobile

With your crochet, make 2 ch of 50 with both the white and the red yarn with the 5.5 mm crochet hook. Attach them to the hoop and sew them together in their center. Then attach the ring to both chains. Attach the strings holding the star and the circus tent to it as well.

Circus baby mobile

Once all is done, you can start to cover the embroidery hoop with the bulky red yarn. I used a hot glue gun to keep it in place.

Circus baby mobile

I also made several small triangles of felt and sew them over the red yarn, all around the hoop.

Circus baby mobile

So here are a few details to explain how to set up the mobile. A lovely lady recently suggested me, it would be better to add the crochet animals slightly leaning over so the baby can see them better. I will probably do it for my next mobile!

Please let me know if you need more explanations!

Circus baby mobile

Circus baby mobile

Circus baby mobile

Circus crochet baby mobile


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